The Model United Nations Club, HKUSTSU has started the Fall Semester Member Recruitment! Starting today, you can come to our counter in the Atrium to sign up or get more information about our club!

Our club was established in 2011 and is now in its growing stage. We, the seventh Executive Committee of the Club, are making an endeavour to show UST students the charm of Model United Nations Conferences, to spread the spirit of cooperation, to promote political awareness, and, for our very original purpose, to enrich the campus life of UST students.

Model United Nations, as a popular student activity around the world, is an academic simulation of the United Nations based on real-life conferences. Participants role-play as delegates of a nation or a Non-Governmental Organization in a simulated session of a body of the United Nations, such as the Security Council or the General Assembly. Through such simulations, delegates work together to settle disputes, reach consensus, and make progress on worldwide issues. At the end of the day, not only would we deepen our understanding of on-going affairs on the Earth, but also gain experience about how a democratic political institution works.

In the coming semester, we are going to hold our Annual Conference, HKUSTMUN 2017, which signifies a substantive step on the path of development of our club. The conference will serve as a platform for not only UST students, but MUN enthusiasts from all over Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and Mainland China to communicate and examine their ideas in the real world with their peers. There will also be training, simulations, and gatherings in addition to the conference in order to facilitate communication among our members and enhance our understanding of international affairs.

On this website, you can find some basic information about us as well as our event summaries and introductions of upcoming functions. Feel free to contact us to raise questions or give advice. Every little bit of your contribution could help us improve and make our community better!

Best regards,

Model United Nations Club, HKUSTSU, Session 2017-2018